Hidden PasswordsEdit

There are a number of passwords hiding in the game still that do some various things in the game. Most of the passwords cause the various characters in the game to show up on the password screen, either to test their animations or just as goofy little easter eggs.

In the Japanese version, the vowels are in there just fine. However, in the American version, the vowels have been substituted with other things. The substitutions are as follows:

  • A is replaced with #
  • E is replaced with a smiley face.
  • I is replaced with ?
  • O is replaced with !
  • U is replaced with *

The passwords themselves are as follows:

  • LOLOLOOKPLEASE♥♥ = Lolo test.
  • LALALOOKPLEASE♥♥ = Lala test.
  • ♥SNAKEY+MONSTER♥ = Snakey test.
  • ♥LEAPER+MONSTER♥ = Leeper test.
  • ♥SKALWG+MONSTER♥ = Skull test.
  • ♥ROCKY++MONSTER♥ = Rocky test.
  • ♥MEDUSA+MONSTER♥ = Medusa test.
  • ♥GOL+GOLMONSTER♥ = Gol test.
  • ♥ALMARK+MONSTER♥ = Alma test.
  • DONMEDUSAMONSTER = Don Medusa test.
  • ♥CAPOXX+MONSTER♥ = Capo test.
  • __00LOLO2BGMTEST = Music Test. Pick any decimal number between 00 and 23 to fill in the two blank spaces.
  • __00LOLO2FGMTEST = SFX Test. Pick any decimal number between 00 and 48 to fill in the two blank spaces.

A video of the character tests can be seen here.

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