Secret PasswordsEdit

There are a few passwords used for testing purposes that have gone overlooked so far.

  • ZLGMZLGMZ - 3 Members, Leader Duke, Maximum level
  • ZSFXZSFXZ - 2 Members, Leader Duke, Maximum level
  • ZKNZZLBBZ - 2 Members, Leader Duke, Maximum level
  • ZMSCZTSTZ - Sound test
  • Z1STZNDGZ - Ending sequence

The first three passwords start you out at the beginning of the game with Duke at the maximum level. The Ending Sequence does that, starts directly at the "Congratulations!" screen. Sound Test is an interesting find. Use Up and Down to select between music and sound effects, left and right to change the values, and "A" to play them.

Gijoe soundtest

(Credit: CaH4e3)

Character ViewerEdit

Gijoe chrview

Using the Game Genie code PTUAOYZY, go into the "Passwords" option and put in the password for the Sound Test. Instead of taking you to the actual sound test, you'll go into the Character Viewer instead! Here's what the controls do:

  • Left/Right: Increase/Decrease the numbers by 2.
  • Up/Down: Increase/Decrease the numbers by 16 in Hex. (Ex. Goes from 00 to 10)

(Credit: CaH4e3)

Stage SelectEdit

Gijoe ss

A stage select is also lingering around in the final version, but generally just disabled. Using the Game Genie code PENEXTAA, you can access the stage select by simply selecting the Password option. Not only can you select the stage, you can also select different parts of the stage as well. Once you select your team members, you start your selected level.

(Credit: CaH4e3)

Disabled Debug OptionsEdit

A couple of debugging options, also disabled in the final release, can be re-enabled with the Game Genie code AEKEAAAE. During gameplay, you can do the following:

  • Left + A + B: Automatically finish the current level.
  • Right + A + B: Instantly kill your current character.

(Credit: caH4e3)