Warp ZoneEdit

Ghoulschool warpzone

Using either a zipping bug or a glitch involving the elevator, it's possible to access a debug hallway, labeled Room 005, as the "Warp Zone". There are seven different exits here, each leading you to a different area:

  • Up: Room 034 (Close to Auto Shop)
  • Middle: Room 028 (Near Principal's Office)
  • Down: Room 029 (Near beginning / blob room)

  • Door: Room 039 (Near the Crawl Space)

  • Up: Room 011 (Near an elevator)
  • Middle: Room 014 (Near Gym)
  • Down: Room 021 (Near Libarary)

A video where the zipping bug and warp zone can be seen in action can be found here.

(Source: Supper)

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