Unused PortraitEdit

Rmz pantheon mug

In the ROM, there is a unused portrait of one of the X Pantheon drones. No idea what the dialogue would've been with it, but it would more than likely be something simple that didn't contribute much to the story, which could explain why it wasn't used.

Portrait ripped by: Sprites INC.

Unused TextEdit

Mmz1 unused

There is some unused Japanese text that says "It's no use if we don't cancel the protection to go to the city from the Trans Room... But, the password can't be analyzed yet.".

This seems to be from a mission that they scrapped before, or possibly replaced with something else. By the context of the message, it seems that you were to need a pass key or something in order to access Neo Arcadia, rather than Ciel finding it out.

Source: Metalman from The Megaman Network